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Are Dentures Expensive in the UK? Let us define expensive Define expensive “something that is high in price”. Using this definition let us taker a closer look.  Let us say someone who, is looking after their teeth and having a check up every 6 months with the occasional X-ray, and also sees the hygienist every 6 months would be spending on average around £200 – £300 a year. Then of course there are occasional treatments such as a filling, a crown or a bridge etc. so it wouldn’t be a shock for a dental patient to spend £2000 or more over a 5 year period on their teeth. The difference with dentures is there will be a one-off fee of, say, £1,000 or £2,000 but the denture could last 5-7 years, so it’s not an excessive price to pay for quality dentures such as those available from sMiles Better Dental in Manchester. 

However more importantly, how can you put a price on a having a nice smile? It is the first focal point and the first impression you give when you meet someone. Not only that but why feel bad or uncomfortable  when smiling, talking, and eating.  Having confidence in your appearance and being able to eat properly without discomfort and generally improving your overall quality of life is surely worth investing in. 

When it comes to the UK the cost of dentures is actually cheaper than most parts of Europe, however beware of the dangers of going abroad because it is advertised as being cheaper as they tend to only show you the success stories.  There are a lot of failures as well in oversear dental treatment and we have certainly seen more than our fair share over the years. Remember there might appear to be a significant saving at the beginning but the practitioners are often trained to a lower standard than here in the UK and if you have to fly back should you encounter a problem you can end up paying more and end up with inferior dentures and having saved nothing. Be careful!!

At sMiles Better we offer many payment options including Debit or Credit card and also offer finance which is available, subject to status, at 0% over 12 months or competitove rate interest bearing for up to 4 years. Call us today on 0161 796 2404  to see which option is the best one for you.