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Tooth Extraction and Dentures in the Same Day

Understanding Same-Day Dentures

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The idea of "Same-Day Dentures" is revolutionising the world of dental care.

Gone are the days when a patient would have to wait weeks, or even months, after  having their teeth extracted to receive their new dentures. Same-day dentures, as the term suggests, involve both the tooth extraction process and denture placement all on the same day.

The Process: Tooth Extraction to Denture Placement

Everything starts with a full evaluation. The team assesses the teeth that need extracting  and impressions are taken of the patient’s mouth. These Impressions are used to create accurate models and are critical for crafting dentures that fit perfectly.
The teeth to be extracted are removed from the model and the handcrafted dentures are created. On the scheduled day of the procedure, after the teeth have been extracted, the pre-made dentures are placed immediately. This streamlined ‘Tooth Extraction Process to Denture Placement’ ensures that patients do not leave the clinic without a full set of teeth.

Clinical dental technicians are registered dental professionals who provide complete dentures direct to patients and other dental devices on prescription from a dentist. They are also qualified dental technicians.

Patients with natural teeth or implants must see a dentist before the CDT can begin treatment. CDTs refer patients to a dentist if they need a treatment plan or if the CDT is concerned about the patient’s oral health.

Please note, that we work alongside dentists and can refer you if you are not under a dentist’s care.

The Benefits of Same-Day Dentures

1. Immediate Aesthetics:

No need to ever show missing teeth. Patients walk out with a beautiful  smile immediately after extraction.

2. Protection:

The dentures act as a protective barrier, helping the healing process of the extraction sites and stem bleeding.

3. Confidence Boost:

Knowing that you won’t have to experience a toothless period can significantly boost one’s self-confidence and mental well-being and take away the embarrassment.