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Ultra Grip Dentures Can Provide the Perfect Denture Solution

At sMiles Better, we now offer patients the option of the latest, exclusive and innovative Ultra Grip Dentures procedure that provide a superior fit as well as a stable and firm grip for the dentures.

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Our Ultra Grip Dentures Are The Perfect Solution

At sMiles Better, our patients can now choose the latest, exclusive and innovative Ultra Grip Dentures.  The procedure is less invasive than say Implant Retained Dentures  and the Ultra Grip dentures provide a superb fit as well as a stable and firm grip for the dentures.

Conventional dentures will gradually become looser over time, making them more uncomfortable to wear and will be forever falling out, resulting in you continually having to glue them back in. Your gums will constantly be absorbing the chemicals in the glue and this can have an adverse effect on your health.

But, here at sMiles Better, we manufacture Ultra Grip Dentures using a high-quality acrylic base that will not warp or shrink, so preserving the most stable, secure and comfortable fit possible. Our Ultra Grip Dentures feature the best teeth on the market to ensure a natural looking smile.

Watch John, our Clinical Dental Technician, explaining how he makes our incredible Ultra Grip Dentures

Using the latest compressive impression technique, we carefully take an impression of your mouth ensuring that we achieve a highly accurate mould. From this mould, John, our in-house technician, will carefully and perfectly hand-craft your new dentures in Manchester at our denture clinic. As a result of this, the problems associated with traditional dentures will be avoided.

As every set of dentures are hand-crafted by John, no two sets are the same and your new teeth will be unique, realistic and perfectly fitting, resulting in you not being able to stop smiling!

Why Choose Ultra Grip Dentures?

The extremely accurate, individualised fit provided by Ultra Grip Dentures ensures that your dentures fit your mouth more accurately with the minimum movement. If you have been struggling with poorly fitting dentures, you will be amazed at the difference that superbly fitting Dentures will make to your life.

Who Can Benefit from Ultra Grip Dentures?

Ultra Grip Dentures are not only suitable for older patients but are also an excellent option for people of any age who are missing all  their teeth and who want superior dentures with a remarkable secure and stable fit.