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UltraGrip™ Dentures... quality to smile about

Many patients come to us with lack of confidence brought about by missing teeth. They even try not to smile. Our UltraGrip™ Dentures are designed to address this. Let’s get you smiling with confidence again.

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Our UltraGrip™ dentures are superior quality and designed for the best possible fit and comfort.

UltraGrip™ dentures are sMiles Better’s superior quality handcrafted and customised dentures; designed for the best possible fit, a natural look and your comfort. The UltraGrip™ denture collection uses high-quality materials and is designed to serves a variety of budgets and needs.

UltraGrip Denture only from sMiles Better Dental Manchester

Not all acrylic dentures are made from the same materials or use the exactly the same techniques of manufacture.

Poor fitting or conventional dentures can often be bulky and become looser throughout their lifespan, resulting in serious problems for the wearer. They can consistently fall out and become uncomfortable, with the wearer hopelessly trying to adjust them, often resorting to using denture adhesive when they potentially need not require this.

UltraGrip™ dentures are manufactured in our state-of-the-art onsite laboratory by our qualified technicians. We use a superior acrylic base which is designed not to warp or shrink and provides a solid precise-fitting foundation.

The materials we use and the processes we follow results in the most comfortable denture possible which consistently performs, leaving the wearer with confidence that they can smile, talk and eat without their denture coming loose or looking unnatural.

The smile is enhanced with the most natural looking teeth provided by sMiles Better. Gender specific dentures can be made which are feminine or masculine looking, giving you a youthful appearance. Nobody need ever know you are wearing dentures.

Your clinician will guide you through selecting the options that look natural and are right for you, giving you the smile you want.

Not just any smile… your smile.

John, our in house Clinical Dental Technician, explains the unique benefits of the UltraGrip™ Dentures

UltraGrip™ dentures are made to be the best possible fitting denture, with a natural look, that our patients have found to be life changing.*

Using the high-quality materials, modern equipment and techniques, along with our computerised processing system, we have produced one of the thinnest and lightest dentures available. They are easy to wear and will give our patients many years of comfort.

*Please note: Individual results may vary based on unique factors such as bone structure, gum volume, and other individual traits of the mouth.