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How Long do Denture Retained Implants Last?

This is a very common question and one of the hardest ones for a dental technician to answer. The main reason for this is because all patients are different!  Certain factors will limit the length of time the implant will last.

The two main reasons for denture retained implants failure are:

Bone quality and density. (But this should be assessed, and risk factors discussed). If the patients bone density and quality are adequate the two biggest factors for denture retained implants failure are smoking and poor oral hygiene.

Smokers limit the length of time an implant will last and this often leads to more failures especially during the first 6 months following implant placement. So it’s highly advisable to stop smoking or at least vastly reduce the number of cigarettes or cigars smoked.  You could always try a nicotine patch to see if this helps you to quit smoking.

Poor oral hygiene is another major reason for denture retained implants failure. Like your own teeth if the implants are not cleaned regularly they will fail.

There are a couple more recommendations for people with denture retained implants:

After the successful placement of Implants, the dentures need to be seated correctly on the implants.  If the denture rocks or moves, this will create extra stress on the implants and can cause failure.  It is very important to have your dentures checked regularly – we recommend every six months, to make sure they are stable and seated correctly on the implants.  Replacement of the housings inside the denture must also be done regularly to ensure they retain a very accurate fit at all times.

Failure to follow this advice can lead to disaster and prove costly.  For more advise on all aspects of dentures and denture care call us today on 0161 796 2404 or, if preferred, use the contact form.