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Properly fitting dentures are so important for your gum health and jaw health. Read why you need to visit a Clinical Dental Technician who can properly fit your teeth here.

When someone loses their natural teeth the affects can be devastating. So many patients that visit us have low self esteem, are embarrassed, won’t go out and won’t go to a restaurant and the impact this has on their well being and confidence cannot be under estimated.

So when it comes to replacing your teeth whether it’s for partial dentures or full dentures, it’s essential you do your homework on the denture clinic you choose because the results can be so different and the importance of properly fitting dentures cannot be overstated.

A clinical Dental Technician is also a Dental Technician – they make your dentures so you are effectively dealing direct! This has huge advantages, as you can discuss your requirements, likes and dislikes directly and get exactly what you want and not have to put up with what you are given.

If your dentures are loose or uncomfortable this will have a massive impact on you as not only will the dentures move around. It will impact your whole life. Eating, smiling and talking will all be impacted.

And furthermore loose dentures can cause Angular Cheilitis (soreness in the corners of your mouth) and the tissues and underlying bone to shrink. This causes the patient to look sunken and older so it’s very important when dentures start to feel loose to get them checked out and corrected to ensure properly fitting dentures are always in place.

Choose sMiles Better Dental to properly fit your dentures and achieve the Perfect fit.  Call us today on 0161 796 2404 to find out how we can help you.