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Why you need professional denture repairs in Manchester

Dentures breaking, cracking and chipping or teeth falling off is a common occurrence. Most breakages occur through misuse. Dropping the denture into the sink when cleaning or on to the floor happens all too often. So it’s important to be careful and fill the sink with water so should your denture fall it will land on water. Dentures can also break by chewing on something hard which can also cause the denture to fracture or even cause a tooth to break off. 

In all these circumstance the patient should NEVER attempt  denture repairs themselves. It always ends in disaster. It’s also important to note that super glue is poisonous and home repair kits do not work. They also will also void any warranty and guarantee on your dentures that you may have. 

Denture repairs must be carried out professionally. When repaired by a qualified dental technician the denture will retain the exact shape as it was before it was broken. Additionally the denture can be reinforced if necessary. 

At sMiles Better we have an onsite dental laboratory in Manchester so repairs can be done while you wait usually in under an hour. Also all our denture repairs are guaranteed.  

If a repair isn’t possible or the denture has broken into multiple pieces and it’s hard to recreate the exact shape of the denture or in a situation where the patient has tried to repair the denture themselves a reline can be done where the old denture can be reshaped and adapted to fit the mouth correctly.

At sMiles Better we can usually help with all typres of denture repairs in Manchester.  Call us today on 0161 796 2404 or if preferred use the Contact page to get in touch.