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Cosmetic Dentures from sMiles Better Dental Manchester

At sMiles Better, we now offer patients the option of the latest, exclusive and innovative Cosmetic Dentures that provide a superior fit as well as a confident smile.

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Our Cosmetic Dentures Are The Perfect Solution for missing teeth and will enhance your smile.

Cosmetic dentures are a type of dental prosthesis designed to restore missing teeth and enhance a person’s smile. These aesthetic dentures are hand crafted using the finest quality materials. Our tailor made dentures are created to fit perfectly in the mouth ensuring comfort, suction and a natural looking appearance.

flexible partial dentures from Smiles Better Dental Manchester
Cosmetic dentures are custom designed and made from high quality, hand toned materials and multi layered teeth which allows us to create a bespoke denture to your exact specification and preference.
The process involves our skilled technicians communicating directly with you, the patient, during each appointment to discuss their individual requirements.
The denture is then carefully constructed in our in house dental laboratory. This enables us at Smiles Better Dental to make any adjustments on site while patients sit in the comfortable waiting area eliminating the need for unnecessary delays and miscommunication which would normally be the case if there is no laboratory onsite.
Cosmetic dentures are bespoke and tailored made to each patient to give a natural, attractive and youthful appearance. We can reduce fine lines and wrinkles by using advanced techniques to help restore lip and facial support. This will also improve speech and the ability to chew giving a renewed confidence and smile.
Smiles Better Dental can also reline or replace dentures in their on-site laboratory if they become damaged or there is any shrinkage and resorption of gums and ridges over time.
Overall, cosmetic dentures are an effective and practical solution for restoring missing teeth and enhancing the appearance of the smile.

Watch John, our Clinical Dental Technician, explaining how he makes our incredible Ultra Grip Dentures

Using the latest compressive impression technique, we carefully take an impression of your mouth ensuring that we achieve a highly accurate mould. From this mould, John, our in-house technician, will carefully and perfectly hand-craft your new dentures in Manchester at our denture clinic. As a result of this, the problems associated with traditional dentures will be avoided.

Based in Manchester, Smiles Better Dental are an award winning practice with a state of the art laboratory on site. Our dedicated skilled team are on hand to offer you a bespoke service from start to finish.  Call us on 0161 796 2404