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Denture Repairs & Relines

At sMiles Better we offer a denture repairs service while you wait, often completed within the hour! This is available from Monday - Thursday from just £25! No job is too small or too big!

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How We Can Help Repair Your Dentures

sMiles Better Denture Centre is based in Whitefield, Manchester. Call us today on 0161 796 2404 to arrange an appointment

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Emergency Denture Repairs

Are your dentures chipped, cracked or have they broken in half? Do you need a tooth adding to an existing denture?  DO NOT TRY AND REPAIR THEM YOURSELF. So many patients come to us after trying DIY kits or super glue at home and it doesn’t work and ruins the denture, additionally superglue is poisonous so it is not a good idea. Leave it to the professionals.  We can repair your dentures within the hour from as little as £25, as we have an onsite state of the art dental laboratory.

We also have Clinical Dental Technicians available to check the fit of your denture and make any necessary adjustments that are needed. If the fit isn’t correct after the repair we can also reline or rebase your dentures, or even make you a new set within a few days if required, so there are many options, so give us a call 0161 796 2404 to arrange an appointment to get your dentures repaired.  If preferred use our Contact form on our contact us page