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Flexible Dentures from sMiles Better Dental Manchester

At sMiles Better, we now offer patients the option of the latest, exclusive and innovative Flexible Dentures that provide a superior fit as well as a confident smile.

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Flexible dentures are a modern alternative to standard acrylic dentures, offering many benefits for those needing a denture.

Flexible dentures are a modern alternative to standard acrylic dentures, offering many benefits for those needing a denture. They are made from a lightweight, flexible material, usually a type of thermoplastic, which adapts to the shape of the mouth, providing a much more comfortable fit compared to hard acrylic dentures. The most superior flexible dentures are made from Valplast and our technicians have to attend a special training course to be able to offer these dentures.

Be careful of cheap imitations.

flexible partial dentures from Smiles Better Dental Manchester
Unlike plastic dentures, which are often made from a hard resin, flexible dentures are designed for comfort and aesthetics. They are a good option for patients who are allergic to acrylic resin or metals used in older denture styles or want no palate or metal clips. The flexibility of these dentures not only makes them more comfortable but also provides a more natural appearance.
The denture is then carefully constructed in our in house dental laboratory. This enables us at Smiles Better Dental to make any adjustments on site, while patients sit in the comfortable waiting area, eliminating the need for unnecessary delays and miscommunication which would normally be the case if there is no laboratory onsite.
One of the main advantages of flexible dentures is their comfort. The flexible material conforms closely to the gums, reducing pressure points and sore spots that are common with traditional dentures. Additionally, the material’s translucency allows it to blend seamlessly with the natural gum colour, making them less noticeable and also a reduced palate with no visible clasps on teeth.

Fit of Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures adapt to the contours of the mouth, providing a snug, more personalised fit. This reduces the likelihood of the dentures slipping or causing discomfort, which can be a common issue with hard dentures. 

Care for Flexible Dentures

Maintaining flexible dentures is relatively straightforward. They require regular cleaning like traditional dentures but are less likely to break if dropped due to their flexibility. However, they do need special cleaning solutions as some products can damage the material. Valplast include these special cleaning products with every denture provided. 

Flexible Dentures vs Traditional

When comparing to traditional dentures, flexible ones offer several advantages. They are more comfortable, provide a better fit, and are often more aesthetically pleasing. However, they may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those who require a more rigid structure or they do not have the correct bone structure or enough teeth for the denture to wrap around. 

In conclusion, flexible dentures present a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to standard dentures. They are a superb option for those looking for a less noticeable, more comfortable denture. 

Watch John, our Clinical Dental Technician, explaining how he makes our incredible Ultra Grip Dentures

Using the latest compressive impression technique, we carefully take an impression of your mouth ensuring that we achieve a highly accurate mould. From this mould, John, our in-house technician, will carefully and perfectly hand-craft your new dentures in Manchester at our denture clinic. As a result of this, the problems associated with traditional dentures will be avoided.

Based in Manchester, Smiles Better Dental are an award winning practice with a state of the art laboratory on site. Our dedicated skilled team are on hand to offer you a bespoke service from start to finish.  Call us on 0161 796 2404