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There are many common causes  of denture damage and others you might not know of. Learn what causes denture damage here.  One of the main causes of dentures being damaged is dropping them. Although dentures are reasonably strong they are not designed to be dropped!! Most people drop their dentures in the sink whilst cleaning them so always fill the sink with water. This cushions the fall should you drop them.

Accidents are another common reason. Car accidents, people falling over etc.  Any sudden impact can damage your dentures.  Also, by cleaning your dentures in bleach using a regular toothpaste and cleaning them in hot water causes damage to dentures. Always clean your dentures correctly. Very hot water can warp your dentures and cause permanent damage.

Of course, all dentures wear over time, so if your dentures are more than 5 years old there will be some damage.  It is important to get your dentures checked every year or two for damage and fit.

Badly aligned dentures also get damaged as if  the occlusion is incorrect there will be excessive wear in the teeth.

When your dentures are damaged, they can often be repaired by a Clinical Dental Technician and of course if they cannot be repaired they can be remade or relined if necessary.

It’s imperative that your dentures are kept in good condition and fit perfectly for your own general health.

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