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Why choose bespoke cosmetic dentures? well there is nothing worse than looking like you’ve just picked up a new set of teeth from the dentist, especially if your over the age of 50, and your new teeth look like they should be in the mouth of an 18 year old. 

Dentures don’t need to be mass produced and look like false teeth. Cosmetic Dentures can be made bespoke and to a patients exact requirements, however it’s always best to ask your Clinical Dental Technician’, as they can give you sound advice and guide you correctly. 

I think it’s always best for a patients teeth to look like they’ve been well looked after and cared for, so the right shade is used, certainly not too dark but not too bright either. The teeth should be chosen carefully and often by looking at a close up photograph of a patient showing their teeth when they were younger we can copy them so you can quite literally  roll back time!!! We can even copy small gaps angles and shape etc. 

With cosmetic dentures not only can the teeth look natural but so can the gum work. There is nothing more strange looking or fake looking, than shiny pink plastic gum work on the denture. Dentures should shine back at you whilst retaining a natural look. 

What we can also do is match the gum colour to the patients ethnicity so when they smile i looks just like their own natural gums, also we can contour the gun work  and stipple the gun work, so light deflects off it to really recreate natural dentition. 

It’s amazing how real we can get dentures to look. This is what a cosmetic dentures are all about – Recreating natural dentition. 

Look at our before  and after images  and look how natural our dentures are!!!

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