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There have been so many advances with dentures over the years and patients are often shocked how many different types of dentures there are for you to choose from. Dentures can either be made of resin (plastic), which has been used for over 70 years, or an injection moulded resin, which is computer processed and far more accurate, giving a much better fit and a considerably thinner palate.

Dentures can also be made of cobalt chrome which reduces the size of the palate and often makes it far more comfortable for the patient improving both speech and comfort. Dentures can also be manufactured out of flexible material which makes the denture almost impossible to break.  This also gives improved retention and can remove the need for a large palate.

sMiles Better also offer the ultra-grip denture which is by far the best denture we have ever produced.  Of course, not only do we manufacture full upper and lower dentures for patients we also manufacture partial dentures too.

When a patient requires a single tooth extraction or multiple extractions, they rarely want to be seen without teeth!  In this case we would produce immediate dentures which can be fitted at the time of extraction so no one will ever know you had a tooth removed which will help to save you feeling any degree of embarrassment.

We produce implant retained dentures for patients that want their dentures to be held firmly in this way. These dentures are, of course, manufactured to a very high standard and clip onto implants placed into the bone of the jaw. Usually there are 4 implants on each ridge.

Call sMiles Better today on 0161 796 2404 to find out which of the many different types of dentures would be the most suitable for you.