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No matter how expensive your dentures are and how well you look after them dentures can break and denture repairs will be needed. This has been a denture wearers  curse since dentures were first introduced.

Dentures can even break by accidentally by dropping them in the sink or onto the floor.  Preventative measures can be taken such as filing the sink with water to cushion the landing should you drop them, but accidents can and do happen.

Dentures are plastic so if they hit a hard surface the can crack, chip or break into two pieces. What is important to remember is never to try and repair the dentures yourself with glue. Denture repairs in Manchester are best left to us at sMiles Better.  The reasons for this are:

  • Some glue is poisonous.
  • Any home repair will be a short term solution onlt and will not  last
  • By introducing a layer of adhesive into the denture you are altering the shape and the denture will not fit correctly as it should.

Dentures must be repaired by a dental professional who will weld them into the same shape they were originally.

The second way a denture can break is whilst eating. An enormous amount of force is used whilst chewing and this can also cause your dentures to break.

Many years ago denture bases were weak and a denture could break quite easily. Around 40 years ago high impact resins were introduced which reduced the occurence of fractures considerably. Luckily the type of plastic used in 2023 is designed to not break into small shards of plastic, which eliminates any choking hazards or damage to the surrounding oral tissues and makes the denture easier to repair.

It is impossible to totally eliminate the breaking of dentures, but of course if you use a high impact denture material in the manufacture of your dentures they will be 70% less likely to break than those made from inferior plastics. sMiles Better Dental in Manchester use Ivobase high impact resin which  is 3 times stronger than standard denture material so can significantly save the patient money, inconvenience and heartache.

For all your denture repairs in Manchester call us on 0161 796 2404 or, if preferred use the contact form