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When is it time to get replacement dentures? New dentures can make life so much easier for you. Here are 4 signs that you need to consider new dentures:

One of the first signs that your dentures need to be replaced is when your dentures start to move and become loose in your mouth. This causes soreness and also a great deal of embarrassment.  Eventually after a few years of use the ridges (bone) beneath your dentures, starts to resorb and shrink this, unfortunately is inevitable and cannot be helped. By leaving your dentures in and ignoring this issue will only cause more friction, more wear on the bone and more resorption. Normally this occurs after approximately five years after the fitting of your new dentures and they should be replaced.

A second sign that your dentures need to be replaced is when your face and cheeks start to look sunken. Sadly, we all age and as we get older, our bones resorb, especially after extractions this causes less support around the face and especially around the lips.  When you renew your dentures the clinical dental technician can rebuild out these areas and fill the areas around your lips, giving a fuller look and a more youthful appearance

A third sign that your dentures need to be placed is when the patient is over closing which is often referred to as gurning. This is due to the fact that the teeth on the dentures are wearing down, which causes the vertical dimension to decrease. This not only alters the appearance of the patient but can often lead to jaw ache, neck ache and headache. This is because of the pressure on the temporal mandibular joint. It is very important that if the patient is experiencing any of these symptoms, they should seek advice as soon as possible.

The fourth sign that your dentures need to be replaced is when they become discoloured, dirty and worn. As you can imagine eating three meals a day 365 days a year for five years is an amazing 5475 meals that’s some eating!! Of course, even the cleanest and most fastidious person will find it virtually impossible to keep your dentures spotlessly clean all day every day. Additionally using denture cleaners takes its toll on the dentures and the teeth start to lose their gloss and become dull. The pink resin will start to fade, causing the dentures to look unnatural. This is a sure sign that replacement dentures are needed.

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