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There is nothing more embarrassing than dentures dropping down in your mouth in mid conversation and you wanting the floor to swallow you up!  But it happens!!  Denture care is important but we do see a large amount of patients and their dentures simply do not fit, in fact some look like their dentures have been made for someone else.

This should definitely not be the case. We have a few denture care tips to keep your dentures in place and save you from embarrassment. Read more on our blog.

Your dentures are only as good as the dental technician who’s made them. Dentures are a precise dental appliance and should fit perfectly. The Clinical Dental Technician making your dentures should take their time taking your impressions and make sure that the impressions are flawless and accurate. After all, this is what your full dentures and partial dentures are made on and if made correctly will stay in place and fit perfectly and give you the confidence to talk, laugh, smile and eat with confidence.

Of course some patients want the added comfort that they won’t move and denture adhesive gives that confidence.  Use a Denture adhesive if you want to but make sure it’s fully removed from your dentures daily before going to bed.

Denture Care Rule 1: Clean your dentures often and properly.

Eat wisely, remember they are dentures so you might have to cut food into smaller pieces. There are limitations, but most foods can be eaten without any discomfort or worry.

Choose sMiles Better Dental for the perfect fit and take a look at our patented “ultra grip dentures

Remember – If you have properly made precision dentures you can choose your food not your dentures!!  Call us today on 0161 796 2404