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This week, we are offering an amazing offer via Facebook.

By submitting your information or calling to immediately schedule an appointment, we will book you in for a Denture Consultation at a special discounted price of only £25 (£50.00 value)*, which is payable on booking.
*Offer ends 30th September 2022

This is deducted from your treatment cost when you proceed with treatment!

  • 100% COVID-19 Safe: Our industry-leading professional team are fully trained to act within the latest government guidelines. We have not just one but TWO state of the art surgeries,so we can deep clean one after every use whilst the other is used. Your safety and the safety of our staff is our priority!
  • Consultation: Let us know where you’re experiencing issues and we’ll come up with a treatment plan bespoke for your individual needs.
  • Full Examination: We will thoroughly and safely evaluate you.
  • Ultra Grip Dentures: These are the latest, most accurate and most natural dentures ever produced at sMiles Better. Check out our gallery and testimonials below.
  • Finance available: Dentures from only £24.99 a month. If you choose to proceed with treatment, we offer finance available up to 2 years and low interest bearing up to 5 years. Additionally, if you get declined with our main finance provider, we have a further 20+ lenders so you’re almost guaranteed an acceptance.
  • Modern, Exclusive, Market-Leading Dentures: From our patented Ultra-Grip Dentures TM to our Implant Retained, Flexible, Partial, Upper, Lower and Immediate Dentures; we’ve got the best and right set for your unique needs.

We have changed the lives of over 15,000 people and we deal with nervous patients on a daily basis.

We won’t just change your smile, we’ll change your life.

Meet The Team


John Roebuck
Clinical Dental Technician
CDT RCS Dip (Eng)


Patient Treatment Coordinator

Pascal Gatera
Clinical Dental Technician
CDT RCS Dip (Eng)


Rita Brennan
Reception / Manager

Manchester's best PRIVATE denture clinic

sMiles Better is a PRIVATE Denture Centre based in Whitefield, Manchester, which caters for the bespoke denture needs of every single patient. Our ever-growing popularity and quality of work has encouraged patients to travel from all over the UK, and in some cases from abroad, to take advantage of our expertise..

We offer Ultra Grip Dentures, partial and complete Dentures, Implant Retained Dentures, Fixed Dentures and Denture Repairs so that you can choose the treatment that best suits your Denture needs. Our highly skilled team goes above and beyond to ensure that all patient requirements are exceeded, and that the quality of work is out of this world.

Hear what our recent customers have to say!

Before & After

close-up-bad-teeth close-up-female-teeth
woman-before-new-dentures female-mouth-happy-teeth
female-patient-before-dentures female-patient-new-teeth
male-teeth-before-dentures male-patient-teeth-after
happy-lady-new-denture-teeth happy-woman-new-denture-teeth
before-new-denture-teeth-man after-new-teeth-denture-male
after-dentures-female-mouth before-dentures-unhappy-woman
before-dentures-bad-teeth-woman after-dentures-happy-elder-woman
before-dentures-elderly-man elderly-male-happy-after-dentures

Our Prices

Denture RepairsFrom £25.00
DenturesFrom £25.00*
Partial DenturesFrom £395.00
Full DenturesFrom £595.00
Ultra Grip DenturesFrom £895.00

*From £25 per month

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