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Is it time for denture implants?- This blog post will help you decide:

This is a question we get asked every day and it simply cannot be answered over the phone or via a text or email message. Implant Retained Denture suitability can only be determined after a detailed examination.  This is required as there are so many underlying factors before making the decision if you could be a suitable candidate for denture implants.  These include:

1. Age is important. Patients over 75 plus are often deemed higher risk and normally implants are only placed in these circumstances if they are essential.

2. Bone density is another major factor. Implants will fail if the patient doesn’t have enough depth of ridge, as the implant needs enough bone to anchor into.

3. Bone quality. The quality of the bone needs to be of good density to allow a strong fix. If the bone density is low the implant will be unstable and will fail.

4. Smokers have a higher risk of failure as healing is slowed due to smoking and the risks are high. Smokers will be informed of this prior to receiving treatment.

5. Oral hygiene. Whereas poor oral hygiene is a reason for tooth loss, the same can be said for implants. Poor oral hygiene will be a major cause of loss of implants. It is essential the implants are looked after and kept clean.

6. Finance is another major factor. Denture Implants from a reputable distributer and fitted by a competent Dentist will not be cheap. One must consider the cost implications before embarking on this treatment.

7. Time factor. Implant cases can take up to 6 months to complete treatment allowing for healing time, so one must be extremely patient.

When all this is considered, and implants are an option, the prognosis is good and patients rarely ever look back. When implants are placed in the Jaw and the denture prosthesis is made by a very experienced dental technician and clipped on top of the implants, the dentures are so stable they simply do not move. Patients are often delighted with this, added to that the palate can be removed which makes the denture less bulky and by having no palate taste is improved considerably.

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