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When patients lose all their own teeth the reason is often due to neglect by failing to attend regular dental check-ups and poor oral hygiene in general. Sometimes the bad habits that caused the tooth loss can continue when patients become denture wearers and this, sadly, results in the failure of the denture and gum disease.  This is why denture care is so important.  We give below some of the Do’s and Don’ts of Denture Care.

The Do’s:

  • Handle with care
  • Rinse & repeat
  • Soak overnight where possible

The Don’ts:

  • No sharp objects
  • No chemicals

Don’t forget whitening toothpaste, if needed

sMiles Better can help you on your denture journey

Many people do not realise that when dentures are worn within 30 minutes a film forms over the denture. This film is made up of lipids and proteins and it is this film that attracts food particles which adhere to the denture. If the film is left and not removed these food particles will turn into plaque.  This can be on the surface of the denture, in between the teeth in the dentures and also on the fitting surface.

denture-halvesOnce the fitting surface becomes contaminated the denture will lose its fit and become unstable, which will damage the gums and bone and cause “resorption” which can result in the loss of dentin, cementum or bone.  Within a few months the dentures will no longer fit correctly and will need to be replaced, so good oral health and clean dentures is essential.

For health reasons it is essential your dentures are removed after each meal and rinsed and are cleaned daily and always left in water (so not too dry out) when not being worn.

Remember, dentures if dropped can break so always make sure the sink is full of water so if dropped the water will break the fall – better still put a towel of padded cloth below where you clean the dentures.

Brush your dentures well using a denture brush and denture toothpaste (do not use normal toothpaste as this is too abrasive and will damage the denture and make it dull)

It is also a good idea (especially if a smoker) to regularly soak your dentures in a denture cleansing solution with warm water. NEVER USE WATER OUT OF A KETTLE as this can be too hot which will accelerate the bleaches in the cleaner and cause your dentures to fade and make your dentures brittle. If you wear denture adhesive try and get as much glue out with a denture brush. If it is hard to remove the glue place your denture in iced water for 2 minutes and the glue will harden you will then be able pluck out the remaining glue easily. Then give your dentures a good rinse.

It is good idea to brush your tongue regularly with a standard toothpaste to remove bacteria and give your mouth a good rinse with any commercial mouth rinse before putting your dentures back into your mouth.

If you have any issues with your dentures please call a member of the sMiles Better team on 0161 796 2404.