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A dental technician will always choose the best teeth for your mouth.  In this post we will help you to understand more about how a dental technician decides what teeth are the best option for you.

Remember Dentists don’t make your dentures, Dental Technicians do!  If you visit your dentist all your thoughts and ideas are written down and sent to the lab on a document called a lab ticket. It is very rare for a general practice dentist to have a technician onsite and available when you attend for your appointment.

When visiting sMiles Better it is a totally different patient experience.  This is because the person you see is the person who chooses your teeth and they are a fully qualified experienced dental technician as well as a Clinical Dental Technician.  The person you speak with  when you come to see us chooses and makes your dentures to your exact specification. Shape, shade, position, angles, size gaps if required etc.

This is perfect as you have direct input and will get exactly what you want and not have to put up with what you’re given. If at the time of the try-in first fitting appointment you want changes this isn’t a problem. We will make as many changes as are needed until you have the smile and fit that you want.

Our Dental Technician will ask you all the right questions during your assessment, they will examine how many teeth you have remaining, copy them exactly or if you have no remaining teeth they will discuss your requirements.  They will take into consideration your jaw size, shape and position of your jaws and will assess your facial position, height of smile line and if you want you can even bring in a picture of how your teeth looked originally and we can copy it.

We leave no stone unturned to give you, the patient, the smile you want. sMiles Better Dental can help!

Click here to see examples of our before and after results

Come and visit us for a smile that you have always dreamed of!  Call us today on 0161 796 2404