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Do's and Dont's of Denture CareDo not skip a visit to the Clinical Dental Technician. A clinical dental technician will help to make sure your dentures fit perfectly in your jaw. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should visit a Clinical Dental Technician:

  • They provide a full assessment of your mouth
  • For dentures they will make a mould (impression) of your mouth to ensure your dentures fit properly
  • Dentures will be altered as needed to provide the perfect fit
  • Any infections can be identified and treatment options explained

So your dentures are loose and you don’t know why book an appointment!!

Did you know that dental impressions ideally should have the model poured into it within just 30 minutes of being taken for  total accuracy? After this time if the impressions are water-based they start to shrink, if they are left in soggy tissues to counter the potential shrinkage they can start to expand, leading to faulty inaccurate models of your jaw.

Temperature can also cause the impressions to alter.  practically all dental practices send their impressions to a Dental Laboratory offsite and by the time the work is picked up and delivered it can be 48 hours before the models are cast. All this means that your final dentures are made on inaccurate models and can lead to poorly fitted dentures leaving patients wondering why their mouth is so sore.

At sMiles Better all the laboratory work is done onsite here in Manchester, so models are poured within 15 minutes, and inaccuracies DO NOT OCCUR. This is a massive advantage to the patient as the dentures are manufactured on accurate models that are an exact match to your mouth.

The dental technician will process your dentures in a computerised injection moulded machine, which is the most accurate system of denture processing available. They will choose natural looking teeth, and make sure whether your wearing partial dentures or complete dentures that the dentures will fit your mouth perfectly giving you comfort and total confidence in your smile.

All adjustments during the manufacturing or afterwards are carried out onsite and by the same person that made them, so we can achieve near perfect results.

Don’t just take our word for it. Look at our growing list of happy patients:

We won’t just change your smile, we’ll change your life!

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