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Denture Options and Considerations – Should I Save my Remaining Teeth or Have Them all Extracted?

There are several reasons to have your teeth extracted and this should be a decision between you and your dental professional.

Normally teeth are extracted because they are loose, unsightly, worn or decayed. There is nothing wrong with wanting a beautiful smile and whether there is 1 tooth remaining or several, if the teeth are giving the patient problems – whether it’s the look of the teeth or the patients are suffering – then the teeth should be removed.  However, prior to this the patient must be shown the options of whether partial dentures, full dentures or implant dentures are a suitable replacement.

If some remaining teeth are in good condition, these should try to be kept as they can be used as anchor points for partial dentures. Flexible dentures or chrome dentures without a palate can be a fantastic solution. If, however, no teeth can be saved then the only option is a full set of dentures or implant retained dentures.

Denture options and considerations have changed!  Dentures are certainly not what they were 40-50 years ago!  They have come a long way. Ultra grip dentures from Smiles Better can be made so well it’s impossible to tell the patient is wearing dentures. Added to that with a good ridge shape and good saliva flow the dentures can remain extremely stable.

Check out our before and after gallery and see how natural our dentures look.

Patients should also be aware that if they are having multiple extractions a temporary set of dentures are constructed first. These are called immediate dentures. This means immediately after extraction the dentures are fitted, so the patient is never left without teeth. A few months later when the healing has taken place the permanent set of dentures are fitted. These dentures should be checked annually and have a lifespan of around 5-7 years.

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