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Historically, the NHS has provided free dental care in the same way that it provides free medical care. However, this is no longer the case and today, the NHS runs a slightly different system. Most Dental Care including dentures can be partially covered by the NHS, meaning you as the patient pay a contribution towards the procedure. This is the case for things like fillings or emergency dental care, you will still pay for your treatment but it wouldn’t be as expensive as if you went privately. A benefit though of private denture labs and clinics is that they may be able to serve a local area quicker. For example, if you are trying to get dentures in Manchester, a private clinic ay well be quicker to arrange for your dentures than an NHS lab.

So, are dentures covered by the NHS and if so how much will they cost you?

Can I Get Dentures On The NHS?

Yes, but this does not mean your treatment will be free. The NHS splits the costs of dental work into 3 bands. Band one is the cheapest, for things like x-rays, costing you £23.80. Band two, for treatments and procedures like fillings and root canals, costing you £65.20. Band 3 is the most expensive band and this is where dentures fall under the NHS.

For a Band 3 treatment from a dentist who works with the NHS the patient will pay £282.80 for their treatment. This should be the most you will ever pay for a dental treatment on the NHS. If your procedure requires you to come in to your dentist several times before the course of treatment is completed, you should still only pay once. If your treatment requires you to be referred to a specialist to complete the treatment, it should still only cost £282.80.

It is important as a patient that you clarify with your dentist whether your treatment is being covered by the NHS or whether your dentist is working privately. Once the treatment is completed it will be very difficult to argue the charges.

 Will I Need To Pay Again If My Dentures Need Fixing?

If your dentures need repairing you will not need to pay your dentist to provide this service. First and foremost though, you should understand how to look after dentures to avoid them needing repairing or fixing in the first place. Denture repair is fully covered on the NHS, meaning it will be free. However, if your dentures are broken beyond repair and you need a new set of dentures you will need to pay to have the new dentures made. It is always important to have any issue with your dentures seen to, as broken dentures can cause discomfort, pain and even long-term damage. You should also remember that services like same day denture repairs (often found by Googling things like ‘denture repair near me‘) will more than likely not be free of charge.

When Will I Pay For My Dentures?

When you pay for your dentures will be different from practice to practice. Some practices ask for payment upfront, while others will require payment after your procedure, and some may ask payment in instalments. Some practices will offer financial support allowing you to pay for your dentures in instalments as opposed to one lump fee. The important thing is to check with your practice what their payment policy is before you start receiving treatment. Make sure you understand how and when you will pay for your treatment.